Team Alberton Excel at Jannas 18 Hour

After a one year break, Team Alberton returned to the Jannas 18 hour event in 2016

Alberton has a very strong tradition in this event, always being competitive and supporting this event which is held in the Aid of Cancer awareness

this year Two teams were Entered, A men’s Team, and a Mixed Team.

The Men’s Team won there Category, and the Mixed Team came in 2nd for their Category

However the more important aspect of this event is the Club “Gees” that is built and memories that are made!

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Alberton Athletics Club wins Washie Team Prize

For many Years AAAC has supported the Washie 100 miler, the Most prestigious 100 mile Race in the Country, and one of the Oldest in the World

The Current Chairman, Andries Venter,  was the Overall Winner in 1994.  More recently there have been Strong performances by Alberton, runners with both Gavin Pansegrouw and Johan Van Tonder being serious contenders obtaining Strong results in the Last 3 years.

Gavin Pansegrouw finishing in 4th position in 2014 and 2016, and Johan Van Tonder Placing 4th in 2015

in 2016 Gavin Pansegrouw, Johan Van Tonder and Deon Marais teamed up and represented the Club at the 40th edition of this event

with Their 3 combined they were the 1st team “Home”
Gavin finishing 4th with a time of 17:17:43
Johan 12th with a Time of 19:49:17
Deon 38th with a time of 23:15:12

Well done guys, on Conquering “The road to Hell” and bringing the trophy to Alberton!

Team Alberton Collecting the Trophy

Team Alberton Collecting the Trophy

Deon Marais with his Finishers Trophy

Deon Marais with his Finishers Trophy

Johan Van Tonder With His Finisher's Trophy

Johan Van Tonder With His Finisher’s Trophy

Gavin Pansegrouw with his Finishers Trophy

Gavin Pansegrouw with his Finishers Trophy









Time Trial

Time Trials take place Tuesday evenings at 18:00 at the clubhouse.

There is a 2km, 4km and 8km Time Trial.

All welcome